Our Products

A wireless mesh Gateway is connected to your organization’s network, providing a secure, encrypted Internet connection for communication with the Smart Cloud.

  • Coordinates secure, wireless communication between Smart Circuit Monitors, Smart Sockets, and the Smart Cloud
  • Communication with the Smart Cloud can be configured to use the office’s Internet connection or an autonomous cellular modem (Data fees may apply)

Smart Circuit Monitors are clamped around circuit panel wires, instantaneously reporting real-time energy consumption data to the Smart Cloud.

  • Designed for installation within a circuit breaker or electrical room
  • Categorizes electricity usage: HVAC, Lighting, Office IT, Server Room etc
  • Easy to install – simply clamp the sensors around the wires to be measured
  • Can monitor thousands of circuits simultaneously
  • Communicates wirelessly with the Smart Cloud

Computers, office equipment, kitchen appliances and other energy consumers are plugged into Smart Sockets, which report the energy consumption of the devices plugged into them.

  • Simply plug the computer, monitor, printer, water cooler, etc. into the socket
  • Measures how much energy is consumed every second
  • Can also be configured to shut off power to all devices using the Smart Socket
    when they are idle
  • Communicates wirelessly with the Smart Cloud

The Smart Cloud features Administrative and Employee dashboards displaying live reports on how, where, and when energy is being consumed. Because employees get a live comprehensive view of their energy consumption compared to their peers’, they see the direct impact of their energy use habits and are motivated to improve them.

Dashboard 230x157

  • The control center for all Smart OES devices in the field – with varying levels of access and control depending on the user
  • Platform agnostic – available via desktop and/or mobile device
  • Used by Administrators to configure the rules for automated energy management
  • Used by Financial Stakeholders to generate reports of energy savings
  • Used by Employees to see their real-time energy consumption compared to that of their peers – engaging and motivating them towards more efficient energy use

Smart OES also provides three levels of Energy Management Services on top of the basic system:

  • Level I: Automated reporting of office energy performance
  • Level II: Detailed analysis of office energy performance with identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Level III: Custom energy management solutions; our energy optimization engineers pour over your data, model optimization schemes, and provide proactive recommendations