Smart OES’s patent-pending products provide simple, fine-grained energy management for your entire office. Our solution helps identify and address your greatest sources of energy waste, automatically shuts off power to idle devices, and engages employees in energy-saving behaviors.

How it Works:

  • Smart Circuit Monitors clamp around the wires in circuit panels, providing non-invasive insights into when and where energy is wasted throughout the office.
  • Smart Sockets plug into wall electrical sockets then measure – and control – the energy consumption of whatever is plugged into them.
  • Both hardware devices communicate wirelessly and store their energy data in the Smart Cloud. Machine learning algorithms identify potential energy savings and send actionable intelligence to occupants.
  • Smart Energy Management – The Smart Cloud signals Smart Sockets to shut off power to non-essential, idle equipment, initially according to rules that occupants set. As the Smart Cloud learns an office’s energy patterns, it becomes more proactive in its management.
  • The Behavioral Engagement Engine publishes individual employee energy consumption data and uses advanced behavioral science to engage occupants in an ongoing competition for better energy behaviors.
  • Smart Demand Response – When utilities anticipate a surge in demand, they signal the Smart Cloud, which reduces peak load up to 10% by briefly shutting off power to non-essential, idle devices.