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Does your site provide users with a positive experience or are they left clicking away and getting nowhere.

Websites are different from other projects with the amount of work involved for both NKD and the client. Yes, it will require work on your part too. Whether it's an update to your current site or completely new, there are steps needed to get it done right.

Here's how the process works:
  • Meeting - on the phone or in person we'll discuss the goals for your site.
  • Navigation and Appearance - let us know what your ideal website would contain and look like.
  • Content - if you don't have content established or have time to write it, we are able to provide that service. If not, this is where the work comes in on your part. We can make your site look great, but without content it's just a pretty shell. If you have trouble writing about yourself or all of the services you provide, you might benefit from having us take care of it. All content is researched and is proofed by the client for approval. SEO is important, so that is also taken into account when we create your content.
  • Proposal and Pricing - before any work begins you will be provided with a website proposal to clearly establish the above information and who is responsible for its completion. Pricing is based not only on the amount of pages, but also the amount of work involved and additional services that might be needed (content, photography, video, etc.).
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