“We are living in an era where everything is being datafied.  FitBits are creating a digital health revolution, and they inspire us to compete with ourselves and to do better than we did the day before.  Now imagine if we had the equivalent of FitBits for energy consumption, and if we unleashed a digital energy conservation revolution.”  

-Richard R. Johnson, Director, Administrative Center for Sustainability and Energy Management, Rice University

Energy is the challenge of our generation. It is sourced from finite resources, produced in ways that cause irreparable damage to our environment, and distributed inequitably around the world. As Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Smalley often said, if we can solve the energy challenge, we get solutions to most of the other top challenges facing the world practically for free. As such, we can’t think of any better use for our brief time on this earth than using innovative capitalism to effect significant, positive change in the energy system.

Offices waste an obscene amount of energy – 50-70% according to most studies. By disrupting the slow, outdated commercial energy efficiency industry, we can not only create a scalable, sustainable business, we can change the world as well. Every dollar of revenue Smart OES earns translates directly to increased energy security, higher grid resilience, and lower greenhouse gas emissions – that’s a mission we can all get behind.